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Eric Clapton: The Eric Clapton Album Thirty Years of Music and Memorabilia (Hardcover)

This book has super content and investigates Claptons career in precise detail since the days of the Yardbirds. The book ends 1993, because it appeared first 1994. The book covers the history of Eric Clapton from 60s and early 70s as well as his solo career from approximately 1974 to beginning of the 90s.

Much of the book is dedicated to his time with the Yardbirds, John May and Cream, complete with record history, complete tour dates, reprints of concert tickets as well as innumerable (mostly) colour photos.

Rare Eric Clapton Autographed Concert Programme

The book then goes on to deal with Eric Claptons time with Derek and the Dominos, Delaney & Bonney as well as John Lennons plastic Ono Band (& Friends).

The last part of the book goes in to great detail about his solo career and albums, including a complete list of all albums with cover info. There is also a list of Eric Clapton Bootlegs, which exist from concert with cuts; also with information of when and where, sound quality, album Cover etc.

Altogether the book is a very interesting read and included rumours and embarrassments and there plenty to read at 200 pages.

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Another good read covering the same era would have to be Rolling with the Stones by Bill Wyman which cover 30 years of music and is a very thorough history of not only the Rolling Stones but a great period in musical history.

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The Growing Popularity Of Collecting Music Memorabilia

The popularity of the music memorabilia has always been popular for those who are lovers of music and love to collect items related to some of the gods of music. Before the World Wide Web took off there was a limit to what you could collect but with the help of the internet the popularity of collecting the music memorabilia has grown.

Previously many people did not have the access as well as resources to buy collectables, but today there are so many bidding sites available that more and more people are getting attracted to this hobby. Today is has become extremely easy to search for a piece of music history, you just need to surf the internet.

These days, less people collect from high street stores when they can just look on eBay. They are all glued to the internet. This has become possible because today almost everybody has access to the internet. They can bid for a certain item from their home and even buy a particular item of music memorabilia sitting at home in front of their computer.

The item will arrive at their home and they just need to pay extra for shipping. So, we can say that the internet is somehow responsible for the popularity of the collection of the music memorabilia. You will find items like a piano once used by Elvis Presley or the ticket of a famous concert that took place years ago or even a musical instrument that was played by your idol Some are cheap some are expensive and some are really expensive.

If you take a look at the bidding sites like this one you will find a wide range of items that are up for bidding. Some bidding sites have over 1500 items which are put up for sale. In these sites you will find both cheap items as well as expensive items.

The items which were touched personally by the rock music sensations are priced more than general albums or photographs. The signatures of The Beatles, especially John Lennon are priced high. The popularity of music memorabilia is increasing and its a great hobby.

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